About Every Church

Our Heart

Our heart is to help every church and ministry – regardless of size – equip and mobilize their people to make a difference in the world for Christ every day. Furthermore, we believe that mobile apps offer the church an unprecedented opportunity to reach the world with the gospel.

Our Mission

Last year in America, the enemy used the Internet, television, social media, and other media channels to send more than 1 billion messages to promote an anti-God narrative across every area of American culture. Our mission is to give the church a voice to counter that narrative – a tool to get Christians across every denomination more involved in their local churches and to reignite and refresh their hearts to live “all in” for Jesus every day by syndicating content to them through their churches mobile app.

Approximately 30,000 churches in America are already experiencing the benefits of communicating with their people daily through mobile technology, but that leaves more than 200,000 churches that aren’t. Why? Many simply don’t have the time or financial resources to take on what they perceive to be an expensive and complex project, but EveryChurch exists to make it simple and affordable for every church and ministry to have a voice.

Who is EveryChurch?

The EveryChurch Initiative was launched by the All In Movement (founders bio), a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to reignite and refresh the hearts of the church, but that was only the beginning. God continues to bring new business leaders, for-profit businesses, and non-profit organizations together in order to make it possible for the EveryChurch Initiative to offer churches a simple and affordable path to engaging the body of Christ every day.